No, I’m not talking about the use of curse words in fiction. On that subject, my only opinion is that less is usually more.

What I’m really talking about is the stupendously exciting experience of watching a human being acquire language one phoneme at a time. For now, Addie’s verbalizations are restricted to vowels, plus the consonants G, L, R, and occasionally M. But the sheer joy she derives from the sound of her own voice thrills me. This is language being born, without all the complicating nuance of meaning, subtext, or tone. It’s just beautiful glorious sound.

Check it:

If only I could recapture that exuberance when I’m grinding out the thirteenth draft of a novel. That’s when you really need the magic and that’s when the magic leaves you. Maybe I should limit myself to the consonants G,L,R, and M. Perhaps all these other letters are bogging me down.

Next Novel: Glorm.