Alright, Council of Wise Parents, time to pony up in the advice department.

So here’s me smugly taking full credit for my easy-going chillaxed baby who:

A) has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks
B) almost never cries
C) travels anywhere without a fuss
D) doesn’t mind when other people pick her up

We’ve got it made, thinks I. Piece of cake. Parenting’s a breeze.

Then yesterday, someone stole my baby’s personality and replaced it with her evil twin. Gone was Easy Addie and in her place was Agita Addie. If she wasn’t sleeping or eating, she was crying. The only way she’d stop was if I picked her up, put her over my shoulder, and walked around the apartment (preferably while singing and dancing).

Now, I have no problem singing and dancing for my baby. But I don’t know if I should encourage this sudden burst of clinginess. After all, we got her to sleep through the night by using my Sicilian grandmother’s Theory of Benign Neglect (also endorsed by our pediatrician, Michel Cohen). Basically, let her cry it out, learn to self soothe, and, in the end, she’ll be a happier baby.

But letting her cry herself to sleep at night is one thing. Letting her cry during the daylight hours when she’s reaching her tiny little hand toward me–while producing actual liquid tears!–is a whole different story.

So my question to you, Council, is how do I shepherd her through this awkward phase without breaking my baby? All advice welcome.