I’ve done my best to infect as many people as possible with my uniquely alluring, though still quite deadly, mind viruses. But why stick to just one blog when you can spray your mind-product across the whole Web.

That’s right, I’m going on a blog tour. And the following wonderful people have offered up their websites as vectors. Please visit them. They’re good people.

11/15 The Page Flipper

11/16 Cheryl Rainfield Reviews

11/17 The Children’s Book Review

11/18 Book Chic

11/19 Write for A Reader

11/20 Y Pulse

11/21-11/22 RandomBuzzers.com

11/23 Beatrice.com

11/24 MTV.com “Hollywood Crush” blog

On tour I will be discussing such topics as:

Where ideas come from (hint: think murky fetid waters)

How to re-invent yourself while destroying yourself at the same time

The limits of gender

What it’s like to revisit my old life as a screenwriter

As always, you’ll be free to ask embarrassing questions at any of these sites. Or you can just ask them here. Whatever’s easiest.