Apparently my three part feminist manifesto (or womanifesto as someone cleverly termed it) was a bit too vague for some people. Funny, because I thought I was making myself clear. But apparently the Arizona Senate believes it’s OK to permit doctors to withhold information about a pregnant woman’s fetus if said doctor feels that to reveal such information might lead the woman to seek an abortion.

So, if, for example, the woman’s pregnancy turns out to be ectopic–which almost never results in a live birth, and is frequently fatal to the mother if not terminated–the doctor can just withhold that information. And if the woman dies along with her baby, well that’s just too bad for her.

Such a law violates so many basic principles of medicine, not to mention civil society, it’s hard to even write them out. Are doctors Gods now? Are women finally reduced to nothing but vessels to be used by others for purposes beyond their control? Have America’s Republican lawmakers (and, yes, I’m sorry to say, this whole descent into a dystopian misogyny of Margaret Atwood proportions is primarily, if not exclusively, at the behest of Republicans) lost their everloving minds?

This kind of law does not represent the behavior of a civilized first world nation. This is the kind of law, to put it bluntly, that the Taliban would enact. Way to go Arizona Senate. WTF?