Call it what you will, Barack Obama will go down in history as the first president to openly endorse full equality for the LGBT community. He even used the term LGBT in the interview he gave on the subject, which, honestly, filled me with joy. I can’t recall any other national political figure embracing the term so openly. Whether his newly voiced position represents a true “evolution” or is, in fact, an intelligently designed roll out of a position he’s long held doesn’t matter so much now. The happy fact of it all is that we finally got to the point where a sitting US president could openly embrace gay marriage. This has less to do with Obama than with the fact that so many ordinary Americans now embrace equality. We made it safe for him to get there. Yes, I wish we got there sooner. And, yes we still have a ways to go. In state after state, the battle for marriage equality will continue to rage. But the tide has turned. Demographics is on our side. The young overwhelmingly support equality.

So to my LGBT friends out there and to everyone who sees this as the universal human rights issue that it truly is, I say, well done. You led the president to this moment. He couldn’t–and wouldn’t–have done it without you.