Child labor laws

Universal suffrage

Civil rights

The abolition of slavery

Marriage equality

Reproductive freedom


These things weren’t inevitable, nor were they granted to us by our Creator. They were fought for by people who were punished and vilified, even murdered. People who today would be termed, sneeringly, “social justice warriors.”


Yes they were warriors. They were warriors of freedom, compassion, and fairness. And if you just enjoyed your weekend, it’s because of them. If your child is in school rather than at work, they’re the reason why. If you’re female and just exercised your right to vote, understand that a gang of hated feminists made that possible for you. In every case the conservative position was to maintain the status quo, no matter how cruel or unjust.


Liberal and progressive thought has underwritten so much of modern life it’s as invisible to most of us as water is to a fish. But that doesn’t mean it was inevitable, or that it can’t be reversed. The president-elect just appointed Steve Bannon, an outspoken white nationalist, to his team. If that doesn’t wake you from your complacency, I don’t know what will. 


But I won’t wait for your belated awakening. None of us hated liberals will. So feel free to sit back and enjoy hurling your insults. Call us soft. Call us pussies. Call us libtards if you absolutely must. Soothe yourself with comforting lies about how we don’t work for a living and all we want is “free stuff” from the government. We’ll be working alright. We’re going to shut the Steve Bannons of the world down.

Because that’s what liberals do. To do less would be unthinkable.