It occurs to me in light of recent events that there is no persuading some people. If you believe that periodic massacres are an acceptable price to pay for the right of gun enthusiasts to amass arsenals of horrifying lethality, then you are beyond logic, conscience, and decency. I will not bother explaining to you that the founding fathers never intended this, or that the citizens of other first world nations enjoy the same personal liberties as Americans without submitting to the drumbeat of carnage and horror that Americans have been forced to expect. You are beyond persuasion. You are either a sick individual with violence in your heart, or a tool of the right wing propaganda machine that is savagely using you to promote its political and economic agenda. Either way, you are lost. And I will not waste my mind or my words on you.

But I will defeat you. I will vote your monstrous representatives out of office. I will fight the systemic flaws of gerrymandering and voter suppression that give your representatives an outsized influence in our government. I will dedicate myself to the defeat of your degenerate political party, because said political party seeks to destroy all that is good and sensible. And when I and my fellow citizens of decency, reason, and conscience succeed in this endeavour, you and your peers will benefit from the far greater world we have created. And I will not begrudge you this.