Wonderful You
Random House
April 25, 2017
English Language
ISBN 978-0553510010

By Lauren McLaughlin, Illustrated by Meilo So

A lyrical adoption story that tenderly addresses a baby’s transition from the care of her birth mother to that of her adoptive parents.
This lovely poem illuminates the role of an adopted child’s birth mother, respecting her choice to give her child to a loving family. We follow a mother’s journey as she carries her child, searches for deserving parents, and ultimately creates a new family. The story offers a version of the process that is full of warmth, care, and joy.

An adoptive mother herself, author Lauren McLaughlin was glad for an opportunity to memorialize her family’s own fairy tale, and Meilo So’s ethereal illustrations breathe magic into an already wondrous experience.

“The bright pencil and watercolor illustrations, sometimes exuberant, sometimes dreamy, joyously spill across two-page spreads, aptly capturing the happiness generated through familiar activities…equally effective for storytime or for one-on-one snuggling, this is a lovely addition to adoption literature.”

“This poetic tribute to the joyful union of a family and their adopted child greets readers with colorful pen and watercolor vistas and the flowing movement of fantasy flight. … an especially good option where there’s a gap in adoption titles.”
–School Library Journal    

“Characters may defy the laws of gravity, but their radiant, almost musical joy speaks to the reward of magical thinking, and the poignancy of emotional truths.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Each word just oozes love. It is warm, sweet and shares a positive message about adoption. The writer did a fantastic job of lovingly acknowledging the importance of the birth mother while also giving notice to the hopes and dreams of the adoptive parents. It does all of this while relaying a positive and kid-friendly message about adoption.”

“A beautiful picture book about adoption… This book is ideal for adopted children but is useful in introducing the concept of adoption to other children as well.  It would make a lovely baby gift.”
Bermuda Onion

“Wonderful You exudes the hope and love that you wish for families. Told in lyrical rhymes and illustrated in beautiful colors like a dream, you sense both textually and visually the adoration of all of the parents involved…a precious way to open a discussion about adoption.”
NC Teacher Stuff

“I cannot recommend this book enough as a gift to adoptive parents or for parents to purchase for their adopted children. Wonderful You left me feeling warm inside and desperate for another read through of the book.”
Books, Babies, and Bows

“filled with honest warmth and subtle insight. An ideal gift.”
All About the Books

“a worthy addition to all family libraries, regardless of the way in which the family was formed! All children will delight in the joy of a loving family.”
Five Minutes For Books

“a wonderful read-aloud text for the classroom or for nightly readings. The book captures the utter essence of what it means to love a child.”
Katie Reviews Books

“This comforting and reassuring tale is a full to the brim treasure the whole family will read again and again!”
Expecting Miracles

“great way to explain adoption to children…I can’t recommend WONDERFUL YOU enough. It’s just a gorgeous book with a powerful message. Highly recommended!”
Booking Mama

“The story seemed to float along with the beautiful and whimsical illustrations…it had the feeling of a fairytale. The message that both the birth parent and the adoptive parents love the child is very powerful.”
Rainbow Kids

“The story offers a version of the adoption process that is full of warmth, care, and choice.”
Miss Marple’s Musings

“this book would make a lovely gift for anyone who has been part of an adoption journey – a birth mother, an adoptive mother and father, or an adopted child.”
Good Books For Young Souls

“This book opens the door for the hard questions, without demanding they be addressed. And while my daughter didn’t ask questions on our first reading, I’m thankful this book is in our own library now. And when she wants a story that she can relate to, a story that is her version of normal, I know just the one to pull off the shelf.”
The Lewis Note