Cycler by Lauren McLaughlinCYCLER is the story of Jill McTeague, a fairly typical high school senior angling to get her dream date to ask her to the prom. But Jill has a secret she’ll do anything to protect. For four days of every monthly cycle, Jill becomes Jack. A boy. Complete with all the parts! To make sure Jill can live an ordinary life, Jack stays hidden from the outside world. Confined to Jill’s bedroom, he entertains himself with vivid recollections of Jill’s life. But when Jack develops an all-consuming crush on Jill’s best friend, this neat little arrangement begins to crumble. What follows is a battle of wits between ordinary good girl Jill and the bad boy who shares her body. With senior prom on the horizon, Jill’s no longer worried about who she’ll go with but who she’ll be when the big night arrives. click here to read the first three chapters of Cycler.

(Re)Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin(RE)CYCLER picks up the trail of Jack and Jill after the spectacular blow out at the senior prom. So what’s a girl (who’s sometimes a boy) supposed to do now that her cover is blown? Get the heck out of town, that’s what. With her loyal BFF, Ramie, and a ride from her boyfriend, Tommy, Jill sets out to make it on her own in a place where no one knows her name or her secret. New York City. But when Tommy heads West for the road trip he’s always dreamed of, Jill wonders if she’ll ever lose her virginity. And while Jack gets the most out of his newfound freedom, he can’t help but wonder if his previously cloistered life has deprived him of critical life skills—like how to make friends. The city is full of excitement and opportunity, but can Jack and Jill make it on their own? Or will their secret catch up with them?