Lauren McLaughlin
Screenwriter and Author
Dec 20, 2020 by Lauren
Is It Snowing?
I wrote this song because I miss my family most at Christmas time. And this year is especially hard. Lauren McLaughlin · Is It Snowing?…
Mar 2, 2020 by Lauren
Kirkus review of Send Pics
Check out my first review of Send Pics.…
Sep 12, 2020 by Lauren
I finally watched #cuties and here’s my take. First off, it’s gorgeous, sensitive, unsettling, and deeply empathic. I felt the loneliness of these girls (especially the protagonist, Amy) and their hunger for guidance deep in my bones. Both Amy and the dancer she befriends are latchkey kids who find that missing guidance in each other, their friends, and—surprise, surprise—the Internet. Amy’s religiously conservative Senegalese mother and auntie attempt to warn…
Apr 27, 2020 by Lauren
Review of Send Pics on BoingBoing
Check out this amazing review of Send Pics by Cory Doctorow:…
Apr 21, 2020 by Lauren | 1 comment
My article in Ms. Magazine
Apr 18, 2020 by Lauren | 1 comment
Another chapter of Send Pics read aloud (Nikki chapter)
Hi everyone. Enjoy this chapter of Send Pics, available everywhere on April 21, 2020!  …