“A tense and chilling look at a near future that’s all too recognizable. Scored will bring out the rebel in every reader.”
   –Scott Westerfeld, author of Goliath

“the most rounded, thought-provoking and pulse-pounding exploration of the surveillance society I’ve yet read.”
Cory Doctorow for BoingBoing

“The bold, aggressive narrative condemns both No Child Left Behind–style testing and current financial policies, cautioning about what could happen to social mobility in the face of stark inequity.”

“Scored is a brilliant dystopian novel with references to classics like Brave New World and 1984 as well as plenty of political discussion that will interest even the most reluctant news watchers”

“Most dystopian fiction takes place within an established totalitarian regime, but Scored allows readers to witness the very first stages of a changing society.”

“McLaughlin presents a chilling but nuanced picture of conformity run amok and raises important questions about freedom of expression.”
Common Sense Media

“McLaughlin’s nuanced, careful treatment of the subject matter makes this cautionary tale a must-read for both those who embrace technology and those who fear it.”
The Austin American-Statesman

“Equally intriguing are the ideas behind the ScoreCorp software. According to its premise, the careful analysis and reward of behavior can bring society closer to perfection.”
The Daily Republic

“How long will it take before these two things – surveillance and real-time reputation scoring – come together? It’s anybody’s guess, but science fiction writers like McLaughlin are a canary in the coal mine, warning us all of the potential danger of such a collaboration.”

“I have come to the conclusion that Lauren McLaughlin is a genius, because she managed to create a society that is so thorough and believable. I think that everyone should read this book immediately.”
Read Write and Ramble

“Smart, socially-relevant young adult books are currently riding a wave of well-deserved enthusiasm on the success of The Hunger Games trilogy. Scored stands out from the crowd, interweaving a fast-paced plot with complex characters and thoughtful discussions of race, class, politics, and history.”
Girls Like Giants

“Scored masterfully addresses the rapidly disappearing middle class in America, the quiet evaporation of privacy, and what it means when we’re always ‘on’.”
Ms. Jamgochian’s Infinite Book List

Scored is the next generation 1984….And I suspect kids will empathize with Amani, Cady and Diego far more than with poor Winston Smith.”
Alamosa Books

“definitely among my top books of the year. I could not put it down.”
YA Books Central

“one of the most realistically possible dystopian books I have read in a long while. While books like The Hunger Games and Divergent are exciting and chock full of action – Scored is disturbing in more realistic ways.”
A Library of My Own

“This book was so awesome!! I loved every minute of it.”
Heaven is a Bookstore

“McLaughlin’s novel should grab guy readers despite the main character, Imani, being a girl… Imani loves to drive her boat recklessly and her female best friend is a top-notch gearhead. And a gripping later scene involves an amped-up scooter chase through sand dunes.”
Guys Lit Wire

“This book was too engaging to put down! …an interesting tale of self discovery in a world that could very well be where we are headed”
Never Gonna Grow Up

“A stunning dystopian novel that will cause a definite reaction as you realize how closely the book mirrors our current system in place. The implication that, in the future, a life can be scored for society’s betterment is indeed chilling…or is it already here?”
Romancing the Book

“SCORED is one of those slippery slope near future dystopias you could actually see happening.”
Presenting Lenore

“a good choice for teens who like books that make them think”

“This book hit home for me. Scary because it’s just not too far from reality. You should read it too. Then look in the mirror.”

“quite honestly, the next ‘1984.’ The writing is stupendous, the characters are flawless, and Miss McLaughlin has certainly made George Orwell very, very proud.”
Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“McLaughlin does an excellent job providing the background for the idea behind SCORED, and accurately portrays a realistic approach to questioning why the world cares so much about these scores in the first place.”

“a terrifyingly realistic dystopian novel”
Where the Wild Books Are

“Lauren McLaughlin has created a unique dystopian world based in reality.”
Karin’s Book Nook

“This is that rare dystopian where we catch the beginning of the totalitarian regime.”
Dear Author

“one of the most thought provoking, insightful young adult dystopian novels I’ve come across”
A Novel Toybox

“This is an incredibly fantastic dystopian which doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.”
A Room With Books

“I got nightmares reading 1984 and this book is right up it’s alley.”

“As far as recent YA dystopias go, Scored is leagues ahead of many, if not most.”
Book Brats

“This is one of those rare books that ranks highly in terms of both entertainment and intellectual value.”
Rachel Ann Hanley