lauren-mclaughlin-scoredScored, is set in a world where surveillance cameras track teenagers’ every move so that a software program can score them on their mental fitness. This score determines everything in life–whether and where they go to college, what jobs they can get, even who their friends are. Within this dystopian world, Imani LeMonde, a high-scoring high school senior risks everything to engage in a secret friendship with a member of the most forbidden group of all–an unscored boy. Here are what some people are already saying about it: “A tense and chilling look at a near future that’s all too recognizable. Scored will bring out the rebel in every reader.” -Scott Westerfeld, author of Goliath “the most rounded, thought-provoking and pulse-pounding exploration of the surveillance society I’ve yet read.” -Cory Doctorow “The bold, aggressive narrative condemns both No Child Left Behind–style testing and current financial policies, cautioning about what could happen to social mobility in the face of stark inequity.” – Kirkus “Most dystopian fiction takes place within an established totalitarian regime, but Scored allows readers to witness the very first stages of a changing society.” – VOYA For more reviews, click here.